The start of PetrolIQ, ASP.NET Core with a React front-end - (kinda) part 2, Rolling your own Auth. Learnings, trials, tribulations and... wins?

A very long time ago, I started (and abandoned) a series about ASP.NET development, titled Modernising a legacy application using ASP.NET 4.8, JWT, SQL Server, Entity Framework Data First and a React front-end - part 1. Within that post, I began the process of updating an fictional pseudo-legacy ASP.NET Framework... [Read More]

Functional React - refactor your Class components within a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Web Part

In this post, I’ll guide you through the process refactoring a boilerplate React class component within an SPFx project to be a functional component. In doing so, I’ll highlight why this is, in my opinion, the best approach from simplicity, readability and extensibility perspectives. [Read More]